What does Ikamotsiipi mean?

The Blackfoot language is spoken by the Blackfoot Confederacy: the Siksika, the Kainai, and the Piikani. Although there are slight dialectal differences between the nations, Ikamotsiipi is defined in the second edition of Donald G. Frantz’s The Blackfoot Dictionary as “bring to safety" or "rescue.” We have chosen to use this word for our name as a representation of founder identities, as recognition of practicing on Treaty Seven land, and as a way of showing our commitment to providing a safer space for our clients.


What do we do?

We provide program facilitation surrounding 2SLGBTQIAP+ identities and experiences to schools and organizations. We believe that everyone has the right to learn and explore in an accessible and interactive environment. As such, our program design is centered around the Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Why choose Ikamotsiipi for program facilitation?

We strive to create an accessible and engaging learning environment for those exploring their identities. Our focus goes beyond definitions and includes topics such as: healthy relationships, historical contexts, safety planning, and much more. Our goal is to create space for participants to explore and to develop a sense of community.

Our team of social work-educated staff is actively working at deconstructing the typical structure of programming using frameworks of anti-racism, decolonization, intersectionality, and queer theory.

What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?

Universal Design for Learning is a research-based framework. It places emphasis on meeting learners' needs in educational settings and creating accessibility in learning spaces.

Learn more at cast.org/impact/universal-design-for-learning-udl